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Take 5 - Business Continuity Discussion Topics 

The purpose of the Take 5 business continuity discussion topics is to engage employees and colleagues on your company's plan(s) to respond to potentially critical situations.  Take 5 minutes, once a month, to present the situation and gather the responses. These quick discussions can happen during a morning meeting, at the water cooler, during weekly correspondence via e-mail, or virtually anywhere.  Engage your employees on your organization's business continuity planning efforts and how they would respond to an emergency situation.

Make sure to check back each month as we will be releasing a new situation to discuss, or become a Partner of Safeguard Iowa and receive our Collaborative Corner.  Each month, the Take 5 discussion topic will be released within the newsletter.

July 2016 - Scenario 7


Lately you have noticed that your co-worker has been irritable and distracted while at work. His work product has been slacking and not up to his standards. This morning, when he went to get his morn- ing coffee, all was gone and he picked up the empty pot and threw it against the wall, shattering it.

Discussion Questions: 

  1. How would you react? 
  2. Would you report his behavior and, if so, to whom?
  3. Are you familiar with what your human resources department offers regarding assistance (EAP)?
  4. If your company does not have an HR department, do you know whom to contact in the community for assistance?

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