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Getting Ready for Launch 

One Month Before the Clinic 

  • Change the focus of the communications campaign to include details about the event. 
    • Employees need to know when the clinic will be held, what types of vaccines are being offered, payment options (if any) and where the clinics will take place. 
    • Options: 
      • Online button or banner
      • Reminder cards
      • Informational brochure
      • E-cards
      • Newsletter article
      • E-mail messages 
  • Line up volunteers to help with the clinic. 
    • Volunteers can perform many tasks, including helping with set-up, collecting consent forms, and answering questions. Designate a leader who can be responsible for all the volunteers and work with you in assigning tasks. 
  • Set aside time to train volunteers.
    • Training will vary from business to business. Some businesses may only need volunteers to have employees sign consent forms or direct traffic to and from the clinic site. 
  • Reserve a room (or rooms) for the clinic. 
    • If your company is small, you may only have to reserve one room, such as the conference room, for as many days as you choose to hold the clinic. If your company is large, this task becomes more complex. You need to consider where to hold the clinic in buildings within the same geographic area, or at locations nationwide.
  • Select employees to serve as "on-site" champions. 
    • These individuals can drum up excitement about the program, ensure that rooms will be available for the scheduled clinics, and volunteer to hand out educational materials or collect consent forms. 

Two Weeks Before the Clinic 

  • Confirm the location (or locations) for each clinic. 
    • The room should have a large open space, multiple entrances and exits, and have the capacity to hold several tables and chairs and possibly a refrigerator to store vaccines. 
  • Make sure that enough vaccine has been ordered.
    • It is important to do what you can to guarantee an ample supply of vaccine. Nothing puts a damper on a vaccination program more than not having enough for everyone who wants to be vaccinated. 
  • Confirm appointment times, if necessary.
    • Clinics go more smoothly if the "flow" of employees coming and going is suitable for the size of the space. 
  • Be prepared to answer any questions that employees may have about vaccines. 

Day of the Clinic 

  • Double-check the set-up of the room or rooms where the clinics is being held. 
    • Look to se that everything is arranged correctly and that all needed supplies are in place. 
  • Check that all employee consent forms are collected. 
    • Assigning a volunteer to this task is an easy way that all employees submit their forms. 
    • Forms are typically filled out and collected the day of the clinic. 

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